You belong to group 1 (Topic 1/Production)You belong to group 2 (Topic 2/Decomposition)You belong to group 3 (Topic 3/Sequestration)

Guidelines for speakers, mentors and students

  • Before the on-line activities start

  • The students, mentors and speakers will have available the recorded presentations of the speakers, a list of articles related to the different topics and a short presentation of the students.
  • Students will be split in 3 groups

    • Group 1 will work on Topic 1 (Production)
    • Group 2 will work on Topic 2 (Decomposition)
    • Group 3 will work on Topic 3 (Sequestration)

    Each group will organize and moderate the on-line discussion of its assigned topic, where all the groups will participate. The three groups will have the support of one or more coordinators.

    All the deliverables (text and presentations) must be in PDF format, you can easily upload and share files clicking here.

    You can download all the material (papers and videos) to attend the course clicking here.